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QltGallery.gif (3985 bytes)   

Belinda Soderberg
Christmas Quilts


Belinda tells us:

I finally "jumped" into the world of quilting June 2000. I've been sewing all my life, my earliest memories of sewing are sitting at my Granny's feet and "designing" ( I use this term loosely) and hand sewing dresses for my dolls, using scraps from Granny's basket. I've always been fascinated with quilts and my family has had quilters in it for generations. Don't ask me why, but for some reason I was intimidated to start it myself. Finally this past summer I told myself "I'm fixing to be 36, just how long am I going to put this off?" Now, you know my short quilting history. Oh, and I hail from Texas.

Here are small images of their quilts, click on the link below to see a larger view of the quilts.

prayerquilt3.jpg (30959 bytes)
chelsxmasquilt2.jpg (31983 bytes)
vixxmasquilt3.jpg (25786 bytes)

To see a slide show of and discussion of the quilts click here.

Thanks to both Belinda and Chelsea for allowing us to view their quilts.

The instructions, images, etc...are copyrighted 1997- 2000 by CompuQuilt and are meant for your own personal use.  If you'd like others to have these patterns and instructions, please send them a link to CompuQuilt.  All other use requires permission before such use.