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Quilt Mavens Perfect Paper Piecing

For anyone who has admired quilt patterns with long, narrow, sharp spikes, but thought they were beyond reach, this book and pattern CD is for you. Now, even beginner quilters can perfect paper piece with pizzazz. The days of awkward pieces of paper held up to the light are over. With the paper-folding method, that's no longer necessary, and with paper foundations, the accuracy of those sharp points is assured.

The instructions for Perfect Paper Piecing are given in detail and generously illustrated in photos.

Plus, the accompanying pattern CD contains all patterns at full size, allowing you to print as many as you need, without worrying about distortion from the copy machine.

Quilters can begin by making a pillowcase or playful placemat. Once they experience this easy and fast method, they can, with confidence, try one of the quilt patterns taught by the Quilt Mavens in their beginning classes - pieces such as Aaron's quilt, Day at the Beach, or Whirligig. Raspberry Sorbet is the most playful of the group. These quilts look complex but go together very quickly. Then comes what the authors call 'Extreme Spiking.' These are blocks that have been skewed into new shapes. Because paper foundation piecing is so accurate, these unusual blocks go together nearly as easily as more traditional blocks.

Compatible with Windows and Mac.

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