Ann Stefany's Outerspace Quilt

Ann says this about herself and her quilt:

I started out at the tender age of 6 enrolling in a after school program in Philadelphia called Prints in Progress. Prints in Progress taught children silk-screen and surface design skills. I soon fell in love surface design and stayed with the program until I graduated from high school.

Naturally I went off to art school. There I discovered weaving and ended up with a major in it. The ironic part is that I did not learn how to sew until after I graduated and taught myself with the aid of many sewing books from the library and picking the brains of my coworkers at the fabric store I worked at. Eventually becoming a competent garment sewer.

While I was working in the fabric store I took a beginner's quilting class and discovered an interest in it. While not necessarily approaching quilting from a traditional angle, I find it another wonderful outlet for inspiration. The picture I am enclosing is of a quilt I recently finished on outer space. It was inspired by printed panels for a children's cloth book on the solar system that I found in a fabric store. It is machine pieced with hand applique and hand quilting and measures 36x32 inches.

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