Belinda Soderberg's Quilts

Belinda tells us:

I finally "jumped" into the world of quilting June 2000. I've been sewing all my life, my earliest memories of sewing are sitting at my Granny's feet and "designing" ( I use this term loosely) and hand sewing dresses for my dolls, using scraps from Granny's basket. I've always been fascinated with quilts and my family has had quilters in it for generations. Don't ask me why, but for some reason I was intimidated to start it myself. Finally this past summer I told myself "I'm fixing to be 36, just how long am I going to put this off?" Now, you know my short quilting history. Oh, and I hail from Texas.

"Field of Prayers"

My mother & I made this together and was a first for both of us. We made it for a family member who was battling cancer. We had family members and friends from all over email us their prayers and get well messages, then we wrote these messages in the off-white areas of the blocks (not visible in the pix). We included who sent the message and where they were from. We decided on the tying method for quilting as we wanted to get the quilt in the mail A.S.A.P. It took us about 1 week to complete this quilt and I'm extremely grateful that we did the quilt when we did.

The Christmas Quilt top 

(Well, almost am going to add outer border)  It is made from blocks I received in an online block swap. I made 8 additional blocks so it would be big enough for my bed. I also added the black border around each block so I could make the blocks all a uniform size, then did attic window sashing.

I have also included a picture of my daughter's (Chelsea) Christmas quilt top. She's 15 and she joined the quilt club with me and participated in the Christmas Block Swap. She had never sewn a stitch in her life prior to this. I was extremely proud of her and she is now hooked..hehehehe..YAHOOOO!! I was beginning to fear the sewing would end with


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