Caryl Bryer Fallert takes designing quilts on the computer to new heights

Born in Elgin, Illinois, Caryl Bryer Fallert graduated with a BA from Wheaton College in 1969. She also studied art at Illinois State University, University of Wisconsin, and College of DuPage. Caryl  is internationally recognized for her award winning art quilts, which are distinguished by their scintillating colors and multilevel illusions of light and motion. She is best known for her three dimensional "High Tech Tucks" quilts and for her string pieced quilts. For the past ten years, her work has been exhibited extensively throughout world and has won numerous awards, including the Masterpiece Quilt Award from the National Quilting Association.
© Caryl Bryer Fallert 1996
This is what Caryl had to say about the design process of Messenger #2

"This is one of a series of quilts about birds of the imagination. Seeing birds often launches my mind to thoughts about the meaning of various life events. The birds in my quilts are metaphoric birds, and therefore do not represent any particular avian species. The design for this quilt began with a very simple abstract silhouette of a bird, which caught my imagination. I scanned the bird silhouette into my computer and outlined it in a program called Streamline, which converted it to a vector drawing, which could be manipulated in Corel Draw!, my computer assisted drawing program. I began playing with the lines of the silhouette, adding lines, changing lines, and subtracting lines. As I played with the drawing, every line of the original silhouette was changed, and the bird took on a life of it's own. Several hours later, the lines extending from the bird began to suggest a human form, and I added the faces. I tried hundreds of different variations on the arrangement of the lines in the design, then tried dozens of different color combinations. Twelve hours later, the final design for this quilt emerged."
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Information above was reprinted with permission from Ms. Fallert
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