Diane Lochala's Teapot Quilt




The theme of my quilt had to be shopping and looking in store windows at the antique tinware during my vacation in June & July of 2004.

I saw this fabric in a quilting magazine the year it came out and just fell in love with this Early American Tinware fabric. I could not find the fabric locally or online when I got ready to purchase some yardage. My husband told me we would be traveling through PA-Dutch country during our vacation in June/July of 2004 and we would go to all quilt shops along the way and search for the fabric. He was sure we could find some. He had mapped out 33 quilt shops and we visited many more than those shops, about 52, I believe, but did not find the fabric. Most of the fabric shop owners had never heard of the fabric from Andover.

So, after seeing the wonderful examples of early American tinware in antique stores all during our vacation, when I got home I found a yard of the fabric on Ebay and I bought that. I had to make Attic window for the center and then the border was Geese in the Cabin. I did add some folk-Art type flowers and vine to the outer border.

It has been one of my favorite quilts :))

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