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Eileen says:  I have been quilting since about 1987, and really love doing the pictorial quilts, they are so fun and challenging at the same time.  I usually use commercial fabrics because they are readily available, and fabrics with interesting "natural" textures are getting easier to find. however, when I see some nice hand-dyed fabric (particularly for skies or water) I snatch it -- after a few attempts at dyeing on my own, I gladly pay the premium price!

I also like to use the "thread sketching" technique for details such as foliage.  It lends itself to adding more texture and a natural look to features, while being fast!


The Bromo Seltzer building is in Baltimore, Maryland, near Camden Yards. This piece was commissioned for a public building in Baltiimore.

Cotton fabrics, cotton batting inked details. Machine pieced, appliqued and quilted. 34 x 44 inches


This quilt was juried into the 1995 American Quilter's Society annual show.  The source for the scene was a client's photograph of their vacation home.

I used "thread sketching" extensively to add detail to the trees and other vegetation. The windsock is three-dimensional. I enjoyed finding shades of brown fabric to give the illusion of the support posts receding under the house.
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