Elsie Vredenburg's the "Poor Man's Scanner"

  48" x 60"

One of my favorite subjects for pictorial quilts is lighthouses. The computer was used in a couple of ways in designing this quilt. At the time, I didn't have a scanner, so I used what a friend calls the "poor man's scanner". I traced the outline of the important features onto a clear plastic notebook insert, taped that over my computer monitor, got out my drawing program (Corel Draw!) and drew following the lines I had traced. The resulting drawing was pretty rough, but good enough to give me the correct proportions. This was printed in the desired size, tiling so that it printed on several pages which I then taped together. I put tracing paper over this and continued the drawing by hand. Secondly, I used one of the Mariner's Compass designs in EQ as a starting point, printed it the desired size, and then started changing it. Since I wanted no curved lines in the quilt, I re-drew the curves into straight lines, and extended the compass points to the edge of the block to eliminate the setting circle. The same compass design was enlarged (by hand) to form the background of the lighthouse. The border design was inspired by an antique quilt which I saw at about the same time.

50 x 65 Machine pieced & quilted
We live in a rural area of Michigan where wild turkeys abound. As my favorite season is fall, this one is taking a stroll to enjoy the beautiful colors. Again the computer was used to draw over a tracing of a turkey and printed to the size I wanted. The rest was hand drawn.

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