Gayle Bong Quilter, Author, Teacher

I was lucky to meet Gayle at the 1997 Houston International Quilt Market. A very friendly lady with a great sense of humor. This is what she tells us about herself: "I was hit with a very serious case of quilt pox in 1981 and have not recovered yet! My great passion for patchwork and quilting has lead to my developing three techniques for quilters and authoring a book about each. I have become known for adapting today's rotary cutting techniques to the 60 degree angle. Currently, I am working again with the half-square triangle unit in traditional country, scrappy designs." Gayle goes on to say "My quilts have won numerous awards, but my main focus is designing quilts to share in books, patterns and lectures. My most popular workshops are based on my books, but workshops of my newest patterns are also taught. Contact me at for details and pictures of workshop projects. "



Second Cousins

I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do for this quilt before I began. I went to Corel Draw to fine tune it. Corel Draw probably wasn't the quickest program for illustrating it, but I wanted to be able to illustrate how to assemble it for a pattern for Thirtysomething. By illustrating it before beginning, I was able to determine exactly what needed to be cut. Working in shades of gray was important for getting the values right to get the design I had in my mind.

Country Christmas
This is one of my favorite quilts from my book, Infinite Stars. To design the stars, I converted traditional square patchwork blocks into diamonds on equilateral triangle grid graph paper. Reflecting one patchwork diamond in a pair of mirror tiles shows a star. Recoloring the block and altering the positions of light, medium and dark in the block or adding, subtracting or altering design lines within the block, truly leads to an infinite array of stars. Quilters today have the computer advantage to design these quickly. If I didn't have more ideas for other quilts, I would still be doing these - they're fascinating and so much fun.


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