Just a Few of Fran Snay's Awesome Quilts

Over the years, Fran has sent us a number of Quilts for our gallery.  As we were updating the website I realized we couldn't show all of the beautiful quilts she has sent us over years.  So we picked our favorites; I hope you like them too.

 "Eye See Two".

Fanciful Chicks


This quilt was a great teaching tool due to the variety of techniques used to create the borders.
"Purple Cabins and A Bears Track"
This is one quilt I can truly say I am sorry I gave away. The quilt was a request by my husbands nephew for his fiancée. She liked purples but did not want any florals in the fabric. Wow! That called for a search that went on for weeks. I begin with the purples and the light background but as I begin to get blocks together it needed a little something else. I added the green which gave it the perfect highlight. It really is an eye catcher. It too has won ribbons.
"I hope everyone enjoys viewing these quilts as much as I did making them. I enjoy seeing what I can create with wonderful colorful fabrics and traditional patterns." ......Fran

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