Kendra Williamson - Christmas quilt

The  Christmas Quilt

Kendra says about her quilt:

This Christmas quilt is my first quilt. It took me three months. It is hand quilted. I didn't work on it everyday but I could I have finished sooner if I had.  I am very proud of it. I am 44 and live in Arkansas.

That is a Santa in the middle. I stitched him in detail which is pretty up close but you cannot tell in the picture. It is made with Christmas fabrics. I love Christmas and wanted my first quilt to be a Christmas one. My mother in law got me started. She makes log cabin quilts. I had no pattern so I just measured her blocks and strips on a quilt she had given me and started. I like to do things by myself so I never asked her for help. I thought I it came out pretty good!!

It did take awhile to get the quilting part done. I mean those tiny stitches and my fingers! Ouch! I read many books and tips and hints and did ask for some help from some online quilters. My husband built me an oak quilting frame. It is a king size quilt. Anyway, I have material for 9 more Christmas quilts, all different.

A quilting friend, Kendra

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