Lucie's Quilts

Lucie says:  I have been sewing most of my life, but never before, have I done quilts. I decided to make one for myself, after I saw this quilt with apple trees, on tv. It took me a year to make it, because I did not work on it every day. It is all machine quilted, and it fits a queen size bed.

Lucie says of her second quilt:   My second quilt, the one I just finished, took me three weeks to make. I was working on that quilt mostly every day. This quilt is warmer than usual, because the fabric is 100% thick cotton, the green fabric is brushed cotton so it is very soft to the touch. It also fits a queen size bed.  I am now starting on my third quilt. This time for my daughter.  I never thought quilting could be so much fun.

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