Mariner's Compass made by Linda Ball

Linda says about her quilt:

Our Guild is hosting a quilt show in May of this year, and the members had the chance to enter a Challenge. Being new to quilting and the Guild, I thought this would be a wonderful experience. Everyone who entered was given the same 3 pieces of fabric. One red, one black and white stripes, the last a black and white ferny like stripe. The piece we made should be no larger than 100" perimeter and should follow the theme of our show - "Voyages". I got the material in May 1999. In September, I was still scratching my head and wondering if I was crazy thinking that I could put together something out of these 3 pieces of fabric.

Then, I found your site and while searching through it I found your pattern for a Mariner's Compass in the Quilt Patterns area. I loved the block, but I also loved the border you gave as a suggestion. I printed the pattern off and slipped it away with the material. After Christmas I pulled it out knowing I had better get started if it was to be finished by May.

I enlarged the main compass pieces on the photocopier and then recalculated all the measurements for the outer pieces to ensure I didn't go over the 100" in total perimeter. I was close, it is 99". I eliminated the interior border because I was running out of inches. I ended up having the fussy cut each of the ferny pieces to get them going in the right direction. I hand quilted in the ditch along most of the seams. The only glaring problem area I see is the center area where all the seams meet. There seems to be too many layers of material and the center raises up. The addition of the button helped that problem a little.

Although I still don't care for the colors, I am really pleased with the results. I call it my "Y2K Compass". On the back I have embroidered the 4 points of a compass in red and labeled them "Peace", "Love", "Faith" and "Dreams". Those are the directions I'd like to travel in this new millennium.


Thanks Linda, for sharing your Mariner's Compass quilt photo with our visitors. I'm really pleased to see what you have done with the pattern in our Free Pattern section.


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