Quilts by Linda Maughan

Linda says: I have been quilting since 1985. I made my first quilt out of band of strips. But have done more quilting in the last ten years. I consider myself as an advanced quilter. I do everything by hand and dearly love it.  I have only had my computer about five months. I have gotten some ideas from CompuQuilt. I liked the Sweet Bunch. 


Texas Star Quilt

 I pieced and hand quilted this quilt in 1998. The star block came from a quilting magazine. The hand Texas block I made from appliquéd picture on grocery sack. It’s a full size quilt and it was made for my daddy’s family reunion. We had an auction. It brought in $600.

Fantiza Quilt

I made this quilt in 2001 for my daughter. I hand pieced and hand quilted it. The pattern came from a quilt book. It’s a full size quilt. I took a first place (blue ribbon) in our Forestburg Watermelon Festival quilt show.

Air Mail Quilt

This quilt I hand pieced and hand quilted for my granddaughter, in 2002. It is a full size quilt. The pattern was in a quilting magazine.

Happy Holly Day Quilt


I hand pieced and hand quilted this Christmas quilt. It was made for my daddy’s reunion. It brought in $400 and brought first place (blue ribbon) in the festival. All the blocks are hand appliquéd with gold metallic thread. It’s a King size quilt and the design came from pattern in quilting magazine.


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