Quilts by Pamela Barns



"Cat Tales"  Made for my cousins
This quilt was so fun. It started out as a couch-size lap quilt and I just don't know what happened. All of a sudden it was huge! 70" x 98"!! I just couldn't stop it was so much fun. There are cat paws quilted all over the quilt. I gave it to them at the cabin up at Lake Tahoe


Applique Crib Quilt
"My Rockin' Baby Nephew"

I made this crib quilt for my darling beautiful nephew.. He's our family's first baby and is a family treasure. A "borrowed" rocking horse, but my first originally designed quilt.

My first King size quilt. I made this for my mother for her birthday. On the blank squares in the border I quilting the outline of the State of Texas - where my mother was raised. Feathered hearts are quilting in the corners, and also roses throughout - for the Yellow Rose of Texas.



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