Susan Foster and her Students in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Seventh and Eighth grade students at the Dhahran Middle School in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia have been in a wild and crazy mood this year sewing paper pieced camel and tiger pillows and quilt projects! 

The Project and Pattern:

Being a Kentucky native, I grew up loving to sew, so I wanted to instill in my students a love for sewing as well! When I decided to teach the students to quilt I wanted to choose something they would enjoy doing so I chose two patterns from Margaret Rolfe’s foundation pattern piece quilt book entitled A Quilter’s Ark.   Seventh graders enjoyed making the tiger into a pillow (which only required one tiger) and eighth graders could choose to make camel pillows or a wall hanging (requiring four animals) or a quilt (six animals).

The Quilts


Pillow Project

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