Trish Downey's 9/11 Quilt

When the events took place on September the whole world stopped. Everyone wanted to do something to help all these people who lost so much. I, for one, thought day in and day out.. What can I do to help?  I thought of giving blood, but I pass out at simple blood work, let alone give blood for 1/2 hour.

So I decided to make a quilt in memory of all, our brave firemen and women. who lost their lives so heroically. I had seen a really sweet pattern in "Quitting Magazine, winter edition . I thought it would be the perfect pattern for my quilt. I went to work right away.

I'm not an experienced quilter, but the quilt did look nice. I wanted the quilt to be more than just "a quilt . So I took on the task of finding out the names of all those who lost their lives. When I got the list I hand wrote all the names around the border of the quilt, with the Reverend Mychael Judge right in the middle, this made it more personal and made a stronger statement. It was the longest five hours ever!! not so much because of the writing, but I had to stop every so often. Just the thought of ALL those people who lost their lives was too sad...

I cried when I finished the whole thing. I just stared at it and cried. I finally sent it to the New York Fire Commissioner, Thomas VonEssen. I asked him to please display it in a place of honor to remember these people and share it with the families and friends of the firemen and women. I wanted them all to know that their loved ones will never be forgotten.. It made me realize how precious and short life is and we should enjoy it to the fullest!

I just wanted to share with you my quilt for no other reason than, I know you care as much as anyone else and were all touched deeply by what happened on that awful Tuesday morning.

Patricia Downey
Pottstown, Pa


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