Quilter's Gallery

We are looking for new quilts to display in our gallery. If you have a wonderful quilt you'd like to share with our viewers or you know of someone who made a quilt that should be seen, get in touch with us through the Contact Us link on the lower right of the page. We will give you all the details by email.

If you'd like to view the Quilter's Gallery in visual format: Click here

Todd and Valerie B.  Wedding Quilt
Linda Ball Mariner's Compass 
Pamela Barnes  3 lovely Quilts
Gayle Bong - Teacher, Quilter, Author
Rena Boone - Rena's Quilts
Laura Bradley - Patriotic Quilt 
Liz Bradley - First Commission
Linda Breshears - Quilts I've made

Arlene Chapin Arlene's Log Cabin Quilt
Julie Cramer Wedding and Bowtie Quilts
Pat Crosthwaite - Adoption Quilt
Cheri Dahlstrom Christmas quilt
Betty Deephouse Betty's Autumn Leaf
Rita Denenberg -
believes "One can never have enough resources!"

Eileen Doughty - Designs, Quilts and Fabric Art

Trish Downey- Trish's 9/11 Quilt
Anita R Eliassen Crocus Flowers
Caryl Bryer Fallert - takes designing quilts on the computer to new heights.
Karen Feldman - Some of my Favorite Things

Mary Foland 
- Memory Quilt
Susan Foster and her Students -  from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Susan Gatewood Hoffman Challenge
Linda Hahn Miniature Quilt
Lynn Harkins Dream Quilt
Debbie Hicks Debbie's Quillows and more

Diane Lochala's Teapot Quilt
Lilly Kerns  My Ozark Garden
Laurel Mains - Busy Bees
Linda Maughan - 4 Beautiful Quilts
Dian Moore - Anti-Violence Quilt

Lani Nagy - Sun Bonnet Sue
Pat Nickels - Tom's Quilt
Sue Riemersma - Kaleidoscope Quilt
Evelyn Robison - A Christmas sweatshirt
Lucie R. -  Lucie's Quilts

Christina Santha - Brown Flowers
Jennifer Schooley - 911 Fire Department quilt
Anne Servello - Ann's Quilts
Frank & Ginger Smith -a Sailing Ship and a folklore Medallion
Fran Snay -
Just a Few of Fran's Awesome Quilts
Belinda Soderberg - Belinda's quilts 
Ann Stefany - Outerspace

Christine Thresh - Food Chain
Elaine E. Van Dusen - Storm at Sea an More
Elsie Vredenburg - the "Poor Man's Scanner"
Pat White  - Mariner's Compass Quilt
Kendra Williamson - Christmas quilt