How to use VQLPlus with Word

  • From the Insert menu, press the Picture icon. Choose Insert "Picture from file". Click image for a larger view.
  •  -To locate a Quilt Label, choose the CD Drive, The choose the Virtual Quilt Labels folder, then choose the Bitmap folder.  There you will find the label images to use.  For this lesson we are selecting, the Angels.BMP label file.  Select the label, then click the Insert button.
    -The image will appear on screen and Word should have moved to the Format menu.  If it did not, click the Format menu.
    -Click the Text Box image on the toolbar and choose Draw Text Box.
    Using your cursor draw a box on the line under "The Quilt was made by" This is where you will add your name.
    -After typing your name in the box, select the text and change the font type and size to suit your preference by clicking the font box, (see the image where it says Calibri is the Font Type and where it says 11 is the Font Size) .  For this lesson, we chose Bradley Hand for the Font Type and 20 for the Font Size. If you do not have the Bradley Hand font type, you may choose any other font of your choice.
    -Click back to the Format menu if needed. (Word may change menu locations without your input.) With the Text Box  selected, Click Shape Outline. Choose "No Outline" from the menu.
    -Click back to the Format menu, if needed.  With the Text Box  selected, Click Shape Fill Outline. Choose "No Fill" from the menu.
    -Now the first text box is complete.  Follow the above instructions for the other text areas.  To speed things along, you may select the first text box and copy and paste it into the other areas of the label.  Then simply select the text and replace it with new information.  If you are unfamiliar with copy and paste functions in Word, simply repeat the steps above.

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