Printing on Fabric Sheets

There are several manufacturers of pre-treated fabric sheets.  The Prym Consumer USA Inc,. maker of the Printed Treasures, and the June Tailor Company are just two companies that make pre-treated fabric sheets.  Pre-treated fabric sheet is more expensive than the untreated version but is well worth the extra cost.

The June Tailor Company has created a variety of inkjet printable fabric sheets. We carry the sew-in fabric sheet and a fuse-able fabric sheet both of which are pre-treated for washability.  If you own an Ink-Jet or Bubble Jet printer, we recommend using only treated fabric sheet, which is sold under the name of June Tailor ColorFast Printer Sheets and June Tailor Quick Fuse.  Unfortunately, they will not work with laser printers.  

Printed Treasures Fabric sheets are similar to the June Tailor brand. This brand is both a sew-on type of fabric sheet and a Peel and Stick. Both types of fabric sheets work with any inkjet printer or inkjet copier and are colorfast and washable. Paper-like print quality on cotton fabric sheets. Retains image clarity and color after washing.

The printer sheets are soft and pliable for easy sewing. They resist fading from light exposure. Ideal for printing photos, patterns, images, or designs of any type. Apply to quilts, pillows, scrapbooks, clothing or any item you want to personalize.

You can also make your own treated fabric using 100% cotton fabric, Bubble Jet Set and Freezer Paper.

The untreated fabric sheets are not made to be washed and spilling even a drop of water can ruin the image.  You may want to consider using this fabric sheet if you have only a laser printer available. After the image is dry, heat set and spray with Krylon Fixative. Krylon Fixative can be found in many crafts stores. 

Before you get started printing, sure to read our tips on Tips for Making Great Memory Quilts.