Printing with Bubble Jet Set

This is a product that allows you to print directly on fabric with an ink jet or a bubble jet printer. Now you can print on your own fabric sheets with your personal computer and printer. This revolutionary idea allows you to take all of your art work, favorite posters, or family photo's and apply them to fabric. The solution creates a permanent images on fabric which you can use in quilts, mouse pads, cup holders, shirts, curtains, flags or any fabric idea you can imagine.   

In addition, you can create these images on fabric while maintaining the true texture and feel of the fabric. Unlike transfer products, Bubble Jet Set will not leave the fabric stiff or coated with a plastic film.  

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How do I use Bubble Jet Set?

The following are the instructions off the bottle of current solution being sold.  As with all products, Bubble Jet Set, is constantly being improved to work with all printers. Always use the instructions on the bottle over those printed here if there is a difference in the instructions.

  • Shake the solution well and pour enough solution into a flat pan to cover the fabric sheets that you plan on using. Consider making a few more than you think you might use.  It’s always nice to have extras in case of a printer error or printer jam.
  • Soak the fabric in the Bubble Jet Set solution for 5 minutes.  
  • Allow fabric to dry.  
  • Then iron treated fabric to the shiny side of freezer paper. Cut size to fit your printer.
  • Now simply feed your fabric through the printer exactly like a sheet of paper. Let sit for 30 minutes.
  • Machine wash fabric in COLD water using a mild detergent and the delicate cycle. 
  • Wash one sheet at a time to avoid bleeding and/or streaking on to other fabric.  

If hand washing after printing:  

  • Take a flat pan or bowl filled with 1 gallon of COLD water.   
  • Add 4 capfuls of Bubble Jet Set Rinse or 4 caps of Synthrapol per gallon of water.  
  • Wash printed fabric by hand for at least 2 minutes.  
  • Allow the fabric to drip dry or lay flat on a towel. DO NOT wring fabric.

CAUTION: Use only on 100% cotton or 100% silk fabrics and DO NOT heat set.

Product Limitations:  
This product will work with any printer that use ink jet or bubble jet technology.  

Please create a sample using fabric before you make your final project. Use only on 100% cotton or 100% silk fabrics.  

Color loss - The results may vary depending on what type of printer you may have. Color loss also depends on what mode you print in because if your printer has the capability to put more ink on the fabric then your image will appear to be brighter. Simply put, the more ink the printer can put on the fabric the better the picture will be.  Not all printers have this capability and it assumes it is printing on paper. The fabric will absorb most of the ink and it will appear to have faded but in reality the fabric is heavier than paper. In all cases, the manufacturer hasn't found more than a 10% color loss for all printers.