Tips for Making Great Memory Quilts

You’ve seen memory quilts and have been thinking of making one. Is it really as easy as it sounds? Yes it is!! Here are a few tips to ensure your success.

  • Collect your favorite photographs, mementos from vacations, children's artwork, or anything that is appropriate to the quilt you want to make. Photos and mementos can be in color or black & white.
  • Using a 8 X 11 sheet of paper position your photos and etc. so that you get as many on one sheet as possible. Remember to leave space between each image for a 1/4" seam allowance around each image if you will be sewing the image to your quilt.  If possible, crop photos to delete unnecessary portions of a photograph. Use a non-permanent type glue or double sided tape to keep your images in place. Be sure to leave room for print margins, about 1/2" on each side is enough.
  • If you don't have a scanner, take the photographs to a copy shop that has a color scanner. Shop for the best prices if you have more than a few pages to scan.
  • Open the scanned images with a photo imaging program of your choice. If you do not have a photo editor Windows 10 comes with a program called Fresh Paint which can import photos from a digital camera or your photo library.  In addition, there are many free programs available in the Windows Store. Same for Macintosh computers; the App store has a variety of free apps.
  • If you are using Bubble Jet Set solution, soak white, tightly woven 100% cotton fabric following the manufacturer's instructions.  After soaking the fabric in the solution and have let it dry, iron freezer paper to the back side of the fabric and trim away excess fabric and any strings. Freezer paper will allow you to insert the fabric into your ink-jet printer like you would paper.
  • Cut the image out of the fabric leaving at least a 1/4" seam allowance around the image. Sew the quilt together as you desire.
  • Always run a test print of your image on paper first to make sure the images will print as desired and you will avoid wasting printer fabric sheets.
  • Experiment using photos, wedding invitations, graduation announcements, baby announcements, vacation mementos, matchbook covers, theater tickets, program notes.
  • Above all--HAVE FUN!!

If you have a memory quilt you would like to show on the on our website please contact us using the contact us button on the right.  We would love to see it.