Bubble Jet Set 2000
Bubble Jet Set 2000

Bubble Jet Set 2000

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For use with most Ink-Jet printers

HP Printer users please choose Bubble Jet Set 2000 for HP printers from the formula options.

Why pay more? Make your very own fabric printer sheets with cotton or silk. Uses approximately 1 oz for each printer sheet.

Use your favorite color fabrics! You are no longer limited to white or cream colored.
Excellent for:

  • Photo or Memory Quilts
  • Mouse Pads
  • Pot Holders
  • Neckties
  • Scarves
  • Quick Gifts
  • Wearable art
  • Tote Bags

How to use solution:

Saturate fabric in solution for 5 minutes. When time is up, do not wring the solution out of the fabric. Let the solution drip back into the pan. Hang to dry until fabric is stiff. Iron fabric on to the shiny side of freezer paper. Print on the treated fabric and let sit for 24 hours for best results. Rinse with Bubble Jet Set Rinse or cold water before machine wash.

This is a permanent ink set for Inkjet and Bubble Jet printers. Results may vary with different printers and inks. Not for use with Laser printers.